A rock-solid ladder at hand? Only at Drabest!

By choosing our products, you always get the highest-quality equipment for working at heights, such as ladders or scaffolding. We present to you the rich portfolio of one of the leading companies in this line of business in Poland. The wide array of Drabest products proves indispensable for a variety of construction, installation and maintenance works, both professional and at home. Here, you can find steel and aluminum ladders for use in warehouses, gardens and households – each in different variants.

Drabest is more than ladders

Apart from the ladders, we also deliver high-quality bike stands, metal workshop furniture, shelving units for warehouses, car roof racks, ladder hoists, and even fire escape staircases that conform to all the necessary safety requirements. Plus, we provide the rental services for temporary fencing and scaffolding, delivering exactly what you require.

We surround ourselves with professionals

Passionate, well-qualified and always ready to help, our employees can deliver custom-designed solutions as well as provide maintenance services. We employ the experienced specialists and keep raising their qualifications in order to provide our customers with the most professional and safest products on the market. We’re eager to adapt the structures selected by customers to specific applications, conditions or situations, as well as securing fast and affordable logistics.

Each customer is treated like a king – we analyze their individual needs and choose the most suitable solutions. Attractive and competitive prices have been our trademark for years.

Short history of Drabest

Drabest is a family business that was started on December 15, 1990 by Piotr Paluch in Kraków. Since then, we’ve been on a mission to “deliver the highest-quality and affordable products that ensure top safety when working at height”. For the last 30 years, the company has been dynamically developing on the domestic market and kept expanding to other countries. The gradual broadening of the range of products offered to our customers and years of experience allows us to meet the requirements of each and every user. Today, we manufacture a variety of aluminum and steel structures for industrial and household use. Our flagship products are aluminum and steel household ladders. Drabest was the first manufacturer in Poland to use steel in the production of ladders. And we’re still the only factory in the country that employs this technology. Despite numerous and awards, we’re not losing our momentum and keep developing the company in accordance with our mission statement, which assumes that “we’ll become the leader of manufacturing ladders and metal shelving units in Europe, focused on the unceasing deepening of relations with our customers and their full satisfaction”.

Chronology: What you need to know about Drabest

·        1990 – Establishment of Drabest. Start of production of steel household ladders, metal lockers, industrial windows and bolted fire escape ladders.

·   1995 – Start of production of aluminum products: household ladders, double-sided ladders, welded multi-purpose industrial ladders and motors for railway traffic control devices. The introduction of custom designs. All products meet the strictest safety requirements and come with two-year warranty.

·        1996 – New manufacturing plant in Mnikowo, where the automatic powder-coating paint shop is installed.

·        1997 – Start of production of scaffolding.

·        2000 – Beginning of the dynamically developing and fruitful cooperation with Germany, Czech Republic, Romania, Lithuania, Slovakia, Austria and Switzerland.

·        2001 – Introduction of fire escape ladders and metal staircases, both reliable and safe.

·        2002 – Production of the first batch of metal scaffold trestles.

·        2003 – Introduction of ladder accessories, e.g. car roof rack ladder clamps.

·        2010 – Introduction of workshop furniture to our range of products. The metal shelving units and cabinets are distinguished by an eye-catching design, contrasting colors and heavy-duty workmanship.

·        2015 – Establishment of Drabest UK, our second brand, sold in the United Kingdom since September 2015 (through the Wolverhampton, West Midlands distribution center). Introduction of the new series of bolted shelving units with MDF shelves.

·        2017 – New headquarters spanning 10,000 sq. m, including offices, the manufacturing plant and the high storage warehouse with loading docks.

·        2018 – Participation in a number of international exhibitions: Budma (Poland), Finn Build (Finland), The Big 5 (United Arab Emirates).

·        2019 – Participation in a number of international exhibitions: Budma (Poland), Project Lebanon (Lebanon), KazBuil (Kazakhstan), Bygg Reis Deg (Norway), Batimat (France), The Big 5 (United Arab Emirates).

·        2020 – Introduction of the new series of PRO industrial ladders. Investment in the photovoltaic system. Participation in a number of international exhibitions: Budma (Poland), Bautec (Berlin).

Drabest means tradition and experience

Today’s reputation of Drabest is a result of 30 years’ experience in our line of business. The equipment for working at height that we offer on our website is made of proven, certified materials. We use two distinct technologies – press-forming and welding – which enable us to obtain the highest durability and resistance. Our products are designed in every detail to ensure stability and support whatever the job. Each and every of them meets the strict European safety requirements, including the EN-131 standard. To prove that, we have all the necessary safety certificates and certificates of registration. Speaking outright, the ladders and scaffolding made by Drabest guarantee top safety when working at height.

Drabest products – for whom?

We deliver our products to many different customers – both individual and commercial users. The list of satisfied customers seems endless and includes, among others, supermarkets, stores and a plethora of various companies from across Poland.

Our products are also well-known in other countries. You can find them in Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, Switzerland, Great Britain, Ukraine and Romania. We’re still expanding the circle of our sales partners. We guarantee that any ladder, scaffolding or other equipment ordered at Drabest will be delivered on time and in accordance with the individual requirements of customers. For the convenience of our customers, we sell our products online, making it perfectly simple to order your new equipment, both for domestic and professional use.

Quality above all Awards and achievements

·        In 2016, Drabest was submitted for verification by the contracting party and was assessed with a positive result, which entitled us to receive the Honest Entrepreneur certificate.

·     The National Federation of Entrepreneurs and Employers decided to nominate Drabest for the Diamond of Polish Quality award. This nomination is the result of our success combined with business honesty and integrity.

·        Drabest was invited to take part as a guest of honor in the program that identifies Polish companies under the Proudly Made in Poland emblem.

·        In the 11th edition of the Cheetahs of Business Competition, the Institute of European Business awarded Drabest the title Cheetah of Business 2016.

·     Drabest was nominated for the Expert Laurel quality mark. It’s one of the most renown competitions and consumer consultancy programs in Poland, aimed at honoring the best products, brands and services available on the domestic market.

·        On June 6-9th, 2017, Drabest participated in the ITM Poland exhibition that was organized as part of the “Małopolska at the Innovation Fair” project, organized by the Marshal’s Office of the Małopolska Region, co-financed by the European Union within the scope of the 2014-2020 European Regional Development Fund.

·        In 2018, we received the Office Superstar award for the best office space within a warehouse for the design of our new headquarters. The competition jury appreciated the attention to detail and the extraordinary nature of the interior design, which clearly stands out above other offices furnished in warehouses. The statuettes were presented on October 3rd, 2018 during the Talks & Awards Office Superstar gala (https://officesuperstar.pl/single-office/drabest).

·        On September 20th, 2018, Drabest was included in the 2018 ranking of family businesses published by Forbes.

·     On November 19th, 2019, we had the privilege to once again take part in the Forbes’ Family Business Forum. During the gala, Drabest was honored in the category of family-owned businesses that are headquartered in the Lesser Poland region and generate revenue up to 100 million zlotys.